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MDF-DU300H-PE PRO ECO ULT FreezerView productMDF-U33V-PE VIP ULT FreezerView productMDF-U55V-PE VIP ULT FreezerView product
External dimensions (W x D x H)750 x 870 x 1830 mm 670 x 867 x 1860 mm 770 x 870 x 1990 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H)490 x 600 x 1140 mm490 x 600 x 1140 mm 630 x 600 x 1380 mm
Volume333 litres333 litres 519 litres
Net weight (approx) kg241255 kg 290 kg
Cooling performance-86C-86 °C -86 °C
Temperature setting range-50 ~ -90C -50 ~ -90 °C -50 ~ -90 °C
Temperature control range-50 ~ -86C -50 ~ -86 °C -50 ~ -86 °C
ControllerMicroprocessor Non-volatile memoryMicroprocessor Non-volatile memoryMicroprocessor Non-volatile memory
Temperature sensor Pt-100 Pt-100
Refrigeration systemCascade Cascade Cascade
High-stage compressor450 W450 W450 W
High-stage refrigerantHCHFC MHFC
Low-stage compressor450 W750 W750 W
Low-stage refrigerantHCHFC HFC
Insulation materialPUFPUF/VIP PlusPUF/VIP Plus
Insulation thickness130 mm70 mm70 mm
Power failureV-B-R V-B-R V-B-R
High temperatureV-B-R V-B-R V-B-R
Low temperatureV-B-R V-B-R V-B-R
FilterV-B V V-B
Lid / door open  V-B V-B
Electrical and Noise Level   
Energy consumption   
Power supply230V 50Hz Single230V 50Hz Single230V 50Hz Single
Noise level52 dB49 dB 52 dB
Exterior material Painted steel Painted steel
Interior material Painted Steel Painted Steel
Inner door/lid  2 (Insulated) 2 (Insulated)
Outer door/lid lock YesYes
Max. load -per shelf 5050
Max. load -total 150150
Access port   
position Back/Bottom x 2 Back/Bottom x 2
diameter 1717
Casters  4 (2 leveling feet) 4 (2 leveling feet)
Drawers  MDF-30R (Max 2) MDF-50R (Max 1)
Small inner door kit  MDF-5ID (Max 2)
Temperature recorders 
-Circular type  MTR-G85 MTR-G85
-Continuous strip type  MTR-85H MTR-85H
-Recorder housing (if required)  MDF-S3085 MDF-S3085
RS485 interface module  MTR-480 MTR-480
Liquid CO2 Back-up  CVK-UB2 CVK-UB2
Liquid N2 Back-up  CVK-UBN2 CVK-UBN2