MCO-170AIC-PE IncuSafe CO2 Incubator

Optimising cell culture outcomes and reproducibility

Creating successful cell cultures requires a CO2 incubator that offers the highest levels of precision, security and ease of use.

Our latest IncuSafe MCO-170AIC CO2 incubators with Panasonic’s innovative technologies offer outstanding quality in performance, maximise cell culture productivity and provide optimum results and reproducibility.

Providing a precisely controlled environment for sensitive cell cultures Delivering long-term performance, optimal cell viability and successful experiments, each Panasonic incubator provides precise control of CO2 concentration and temperature, while remaining easy to operate and maintain. The MCO-170AIC IncuSafe CO2 incubators support a reliable, stable cell culture environment across all shelf positions, meaning each and every cell is safely maintained under ideal conditions.


Increasing work efficiency Request a Quo

We have designed our incubators with ease of use and efficiency in mind. By delivering a user friendly cell culture incubator with rapid systems and processes, Panasonic can help make your work as simple as possible.

Panasonic Biomedical also offers two other sizes of the same type IncuSafe CO2 Incubators:


  • Improved insulation performance and lower running costs
  • PID Control of CO2 and temperature
  • Dual IR CO2 sensor
  • Optimum protection for your cell culturers
  • More space for more cultures
  • Panasonic’s H2O2 vapour sterilisation cycle reduces downtime to less than 3 hours for complete, validatable decontamination for increased productivity.


  • DHA Direct heat and air jacket system
  • Dual IR CO2 sensor
  • InCu saFe® copper-enriched stainless steel interior
  • Optional Safe Cell UV® with NEW increased UV lamp life (Standard in the MCO-170AICUV-PE and MCO-170AICUVH-PE)
  • Optional electric door lock (Standard in the MCO-170AICUVH-PE)
  • Integrated shelf supports
  • Full colour LCD touch screen
  • USB port

Product Specification

External dimensions (W x D x H)620 x 710 x 900 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H)490 x 523 x 665 mm
volume165 litres
net weight80 kg
Technical Data 
Power supply230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Noise Level29 dB
Insulation materialPUF
Temperature sensorThermistor
CO2 sensorDual IR
Temp control range+5 above ambient to 50C (in a 5C to 35C ambient)
Temp fluctuation


Safe Cell UV system MCO-170UVS-PE
H2O2 Decontamination boardMCO-170HB-PE
Electric door lock with passwordMCO-170EL-PW
H2O2 vapour generatorMCO-HP-PW
H2O2 reagentMCO-H2O2-PE
Double stacking bracketMCO-170PS-PW
Stacking plateMCO-170SB-PW
CO2 gas pressure regulatorMCO-100L-PW
Automatic CO2 cylinder changeover systemMCO-21GC-PW
Semi-automatic one point gas calibration kitMCO-SG-PW
InCu saFe shelfMCO-170ST-PW
InCu saFe half tray systemMCO-25ST-PW
Roller baseMCO-170RB-PW
Optional communication systems 
Ethernet interface (LAN) MTR-L03-PW
Digital interface (RS232C/RS485)MTR-480-PW
Analogue interface (4-20mA)MCO-420MA-PW
>IncuSafe CO2 Incubator MCO-170AIC Product Sheet
>Part List MCO-170AIC
>Instruction Manual MCO-170AIC-PE (KM-CC17)
>Installation Instruction Roller Base KM-CCP17RB2 (MCO-170RB-PW)
>Panasonic CO2 & Multi gas Incubator Series brochure

MCO-170AIC-PE CO2 Incubator

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