MCO-230AIC IncuSafe CO2 Incubator

Optimising cell culture outcomes and reproducibility

Creating successful cell cultures requires a CO2 Incubator that offers the highest levels of precision, security and ease of use.

Precise & Regulated Environment

InCu-saFe and SafeCell UV both function to actively prevent contamination. The Direct Heat and Air Jacket System regulates the temperature whilst the Dual IR sensor controls the CO2 level.

Time-Saving Decontamination

The high-speed decontamination system uses vaporised hydrogen peroxide and UV light. It cleans the chamber of the incubator safely in less than three hours, achieving a minimal 6 log reduction of major contaminants.


Ease of Use & Increased Capacity

A full colour LCD touchscreen allows full control even with gloved hands. Transfer of data is easy via a USB port. The easy-toclean interior features fully rounded corners and integrated shelf supports.

"The increased capacity offers the possibility to utilise the incubator from R&D to clinical trials and manufacturing"

  • Improved insulation performance and lower running costs
  • PID Control of CO2 and temperature
  • Dual IR CO2 sensor
  • Optimum protection for your cell culturers
  • More space for more cultures
  • Panasonic’s H2O2 vapour sterilisation cycle reduces downtime to less than 3 hours for complete, validatable decontamination for increased productivity.


  • DHA Direct heat and air jacket system
  • Dual IR CO2 sensor
  • InCu saFe® copper-enriched stainless steel interior
  • Optional Safe Cell UV® with NEW increased UV lamp life (Standard in the MCO-230AICUV-PE and MCO-230AICUVH-PE)
  • Optional electric door lock (Standard in the MCO-230AICUVH-PE)
  • Integrated shelf supports
  • Full colour LCD touch screen
  • USB port

Product Specification

External dimensions (WxDxH)770 x 730 x 905 mm
Internal dimensions (WxDxH)643 x 523 x 700 mm
Volume230 L
Net weight (approx)90 kg
Temperature control range and fluctuationAT +5 ~ +50 0.1
Temperature uniformity0.25
CO2 control range and fluctuation0 ~ 20 0.15
Humidity level and fluctuation95
Temperature sensorThermistor
CO2 sensorDual IR
DisplayLCD touch screen
Exterior materialPainted steel (rear cover not painted)
Interior materialSS copper alloyed
Insulation materialExtruded polystyrene
DHA heating systemYes
Outer door 1
Outer door lockoption
Reversible doorYes
Inner door 1
Shelves 4
Max. load per shelf7 kg
Max. total load20 kg
Max. shelf capacity10 kg
Access port 
- positionRear
- diameter30
Power failureRear
Out of temperature settingV-B-R
High temperatureV-B-R
Out of CO2 settingV-B-R
Door openV-B
Electrical and noise level 
Power supply230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Noise level25 dB


SafeCell UV systemMCO-170UVS-PE
H2O2 decontamination boardMCO-170HB-PE
Electric door lock with passwordMCO-170EL-PW
H2O2 vapour generatorMCO-HP-PW
H2O2 reagent pack of 6 bottles
CO2 gas pressure regulatorMCO-100L-PW
Automatic CO2 cylinder changeover systemMCO-21GC-PW
Semi-automatic one point gas calibration kitMCO-SG-PW
InCu saFe shelfMCO-230ST-PW
InCu saFe half tray systemMCO-35ST-PW
Double stacking bracketMCO-170PS-PW
Stacking plateMCO-230SB-PW
Roller baseMCO-230RB-PW
Optional communication systems 
Ethernet interface (LAN)MTR-L03-PW
Digital interface (RS232C/RS485)MTR-480-PW
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