Let us help you to protect your results!

All Panasonic Biomedical freezers are manufactured using world leading technology and specialist engineering to deliver products of the highest quality and durability. Of equal importance is our dedication to delivering exemplary levels of technical support and customer care, helping users to achieve maximum lifespan and the greatest return on investment from their equipment. In this interview, Igor Spierenburg, Service Manager at Panasonic Biomedical, tells us more about Panasonic’s commitment to ensuring that customers receive consistently high levels of service and support.

Why is customer support so important to Panasonic Biomedical and its customers?
Over the past 25 years, Panasonic Biomedical has established a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of high quality medical equipment. Our products, backed by our commitment to
excellence in customer service and support, mean that users of our equipment know they can rely on us. Today we are a leading company serving the biomedical market. To remain leaders in this dynamic industry, we must ensure that we maintain the quality of our products and the integrity of our service.

Our customers need to know that there is a totally reliable team supporting their equipment in order to have the confidence that valuable samples are not being put at risk through equipment faults or service delays. In large institutions thousands of potentially irreplaceable samples may be kept over long periods of time. It is vital to know that the storage systems are reliable enough to keep them safe, and that if things should ever go wrong, there is immediate expert help on hand.

What services do you offer to ensure these standards are met?
Through many years of experience and collaboration with our customers, we have developed a number of service options designed to suit all requirements and budgets. Our service teams focus on Panasonic Biomedical products specifically, so they are real experts with detailed understanding of the equipment. Customers receive in-warranty maintenance and free technical support. We offer a range of preventative maintenance plans, which help to highlight any developing issues with a piece of equipment before they become problematic. During a preventative maintenance visit our specialists will carry out extensive tests using the latest technical information and recommended testing techniques, and will make any necessary adjustments to ensure long-term optimum performance.
Additional support options span equipment installation, calibration, validation and repairs. If ever we cannot carry out an immediate repair on-site, we have fully equipped workshops with access to
genuine Panasonic spares, enabling us to organise a quick solution. With over 1000 units in stock in our warehouse in The Netherlands, we can deliver anywhere in Europe within a couple of days. We will also endeavour to provide a storage solution for safe housing of your samples until your own equipment is back in place.

How is this service replicated throughout Panasonic’s distribution network?
We expect Panasonic dealers to offer you the same high standard of service that is associated with all our equipment. Therefore Panasonic works only with dealers who can guarantee this quality. So whether you buy directly from us, or from one of our European distributors, you can be sure that
all maintenance is carried out by Panasonic certified service engineers who have received full, hands-on training specifically for our products.

What kind of training do you provide to your service engineers?
We provide field service training courses to all our European distributors, covering all laboratory products offered in Europe. These training courses are directed towards refrigeration, electronic and biomedical technicians who are already familiar with the basics of troubleshooting such equipment. This makes them perfectly suited to provide you with the quality service you need and expect. All Panasonic engineers go through this comprehensive training, including theory and hands on instruction. By using the latest technology and a variety of media we deliver maximum training benefit in the most effective and time-efficient way. Skilled people are a valuable asset to the institutions they serve, and our unique field training approach allows comprehensive training with minimum disruption. Our customers can be sure that, wherever they purchase their equipment, there is a fully-trained Panasonic technician available who knows how to meet your needs.