MPR-215F-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer

Providing a complete storage solution; refrigerator and freezer in one unit

The MPR-215F-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer is the ideal biologic storage environment for precise control and superior temperature uniformity.

The MPR-215F-PE combines high performance refrigeration, control and alarm/monitoring systems with energy efficient, cost-effective cabinet design. One unit with dual temperature zone needs only minimal installation space. The two door design reduces air loss during door openings. The triple or double-pane windows with heat reflection film reduces the condensation. To provide easier validation services calibration adjustment through the control panel is available. The MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators with Freezers have two separate specially designed compressors and offers quiet operation.


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  • Maintain required temperature range throughout the year.
  • Separate doors for refrigerator and freezer.
  • Large enough to hold year's largest vaccine inventory.
  • Safe and secured storage behind a keyed locking door.
  • Dedicated to biologics, recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Unique refrigerator defrost system prevents temperature variations during defrost cycle.
  • Secondary temperature deviation safety device prevents over temperature or under temperature condition.
  • Integrated alarm functions, remote alarm contacts and monitoring.
  • Microprocessor control for accurate temperature management.
  • Mechanical convection airflow- ducts and plenums achieve uniform temperature regardless of product loading, with quick temperature recovery following door openings.
  • High and low temperature alarm includes audible and visual warning with alarm ring back.
  • Remote alarm contacts allow connection to remote alarm system
  • Open door indicator light with 15 minute delayed audible alarm adds to safety.
  • Keyed door locks contribute to inventory security.

Product Specification

Exterior (W x D x H)540 x 557 x 1794 mm
Interior (W x D x H)455 x 466 x 917 (Ref)/ 420 x 342 x 267 (Frz) mm
Effective capacity176/39 (Ref/Frz) litres
Weight80 kg
Exterior finishPolyester resin finish baked on zinc galvanized steel
Interior finishStyrol resin/Painted aluminium plate (Ref/Frz)
Outer doors 2
Shelves 3/1 (Ref/Frz)
Drawers -
max. load/shelf or drawer20/10 kg (Ref/Frz)
Castors 4
Access port 2
position 1 left/1 left (Ref/Frz)
diameter 30
Refrigeration and TemperatureInsulation
Cooling methodFan forced air circulation (Ref) / Direct cooling (Frz)
Defrost method 
Temperature control range 2 ~ 14C(Ref) / -20 ~ -30C(Frz) (AT: +30C no-load)
Temperature sensor Thermistor
Temperature control Microprocessor
Alarms High/Low temperature
Door open Y
Remote alarm contact DC 30V
Power failure Y
Temperature display Digital LED
Temperature recorders 
Temperature chart recorder MTR-0621LH-PH
chart paper RP-40-PW
Ink pen PG-RB-PW
recorder housing MPR-S30-PW
Circular temp. chart recorder MTR-G3504C-PE
- Continuous strip type (-40C to +14C)MTR-4015LH-PE
External mounting power failure alarm - RS485 interface module
Drawers for botom left compartment 


Temperature recorders 
Temperature chart recorderMTR-0621LH-PH
chart paperRP-40-PW
recorder housingMPR-S30-PW
Circular temp. chart recorderMTR-G3504C-PE
Ink penPG-RB-PW
- Continuous strip type (-40C to +14C)MTR-4015LH-PE
RS485 interface moduleMTR-480-PW
Drawers for bottom left compartmentMPR-41F-PW
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MPR-215F-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with freezer

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