Patented SafeCell UV lamp

The SafeCell UV® lamp in Panasonic incubators plays a pivotal role in continuous decontamination. The figure below shows the summary of four tests on separate strains of mycoplasma using Panasonic incubators. It can be seen that the lamp in the UV range has a much greater decontamination effect on these bacteria than decontamination lamps emitting at visible wavelengths.

To ensure the elimination of any airborne contaminants that may enter the chamber, the isolated narrow-bandwidth, ozone-free UV light (located at the base of the chamber) automatically switches on for a specified period after each incubator door opening. Water-borne organisms in the humidity water reservoir are eradicated in the same way, ensuring the security of any active cell cultures.

Versatile Program Cycles of SafeCell UV light for Optimum Usability

24 Hour UV Decontamination


After H2O2 Vapourization


After Door Openings






This feature can be used in the following instances:

  • Prior to 1st use
  • Overnight
  • Between patient protocols
  • Following maintenance or service
  • Secondary decontamination method

The UV lamp automatically cycles ON for up to 90 minutes following a 10 minute H2O2 vapour cycle. this reduces the H2O2 to water, which condenses onto a cooler section of the incubator’s interior floor for easy clean-up.


Door closure causes UV lamp to turn On for 10 minutes, decontaminating the external air that entered the chamber.


IF UV protection is not desired, SafeCell UV lamp can be switched OFF.