The complete line of Panasonic Biomedical products includes an array of laboratory equipment with the most advanced technology, controls, construction and performance attributes in the industry. Today we apply the most sophisticated refrigeration compressor design and state-of-the-art electronics to ultra-low and cryogenic freezers, refrigerators, CO2 and Multigas incubators, Biological Safety Cabinets and Climatic Test Chambers marketed to life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and industrial laboratory markets.

Panasonic core technologies, patents, and intellectual properties are represented in every product line. Core technologies apply to critical componentsand processes such as compressors, microprocessor electronics, and patented VIP vacuum insulation panels. These are engineered to exact specifications for important applications in life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, and industrial laboratories.

As a result, Panasonic products operate with dependability, safety, energy efficiency, and ergonomic sensitivity.