Panasonic Healthcare Products

Panasonic is working on making its healthcare business a main focus. Panasonic already has a wide range of cutting edge products, from patient devices and home healthcare appliances to diagnostic systems and operational equipment for hospitals – including the latest in robotic technology. Today, Panasonic is further combining its resources and utilizing its latest technologies to create new products and solutions in order to make affordable healthcare a reality for people everywhere.

Panasonic has identified three important fields in healthcare where the company believes it can best enhance quality of life for patients and working practices for healthcare professionals. They are:

  • In-Hospital Work Assistance: to keep medical costs affordable with automated, efficient and quality controlled hospital operations
  • Home Healthcare to help people maintain and restore patient health at home
  • Early Diagnosis and Treatment to ease the burden on patients' minds and bodies by also reducing the burden of medical costs


Views of patients and professionals

Everyone at Panasonic listens carefully to the views of patients and healthcare professionals, allowing the creation of patients products that truly support health and enhance lives. Panasonic is growing in the healthcare arena and its expertise in manufacturing high-precision equipment and audio-video technologies will continue to make an increasingly important contribution, offering the best in high-tech healthcare solutions.