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Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
Cryogenic ULT freezers (-150°C)
MDF-1156-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-1156ATN-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-C2156VAN-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
TwinGuard ULT freezers (-86°C)
MDF-DC500VX TwinGuard ULT Chest Freezer
MDF-DC700VX TwinGuard ULT Chest Freezer
MDF-U500VX-PE TwinGuard ULT Freezer
MDF-U700VX-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
VIP ULT freezers (-86°C)
MDF-C8V1-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-DU500VH-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-DU700VH-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-DU900V-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-U33V-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-U55V-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-U76V-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
PRO ULT freezers (-86°C)
MDF-DU300H-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
MDF-193-PE Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer
MDF-594-PE Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer
MDF-794-PE Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer
MDF-U3386S-PE ULT Upright Freezer
MDF-U5386S-PE ULT Upright Freezer
MDF-U7386S-PE ULT Upright Freezer
MBR Blood Bank Refrigerators
MBR-107D(H)-PE Blood Bank Refrigerator
MBR-1405GR-PE Blood Bank Refrigerator
MBR-305GR-PE Blood Bank Refrigerator
MBR-705GR-PE Blood Bank Refrigerator
Biomedical Freezers (-30°C/-40°C)
Biomedical -30°C freezers
MDF-MU300H-PE -30°C Biomedical ECO freezer
MDF-MU500H-PE -30°C Biomedical ECO freezer
MDF-437-PE Biomedical Freezer
MDF-137-PE Biomedical Freezer
MDF-237-PE Biomedical Freezer
MDF-U334-PE Biomedical Upright Freezer
MDF-U5312-PE Biomedical Upright Freezer
MDF-U731M-PE Biomedical Upright Freezer
Biomedical -40°C Plasma freezers
MDF-U443-PE Biomedical Plasma Freezer
MDF-U5412H-PE -40ºC ECO Plasma Freezer
MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
MPR Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
MPR-514-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR-514R-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR-1014-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR-1014R-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR-S163-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR-S313-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
MPR-721-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR-721R-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR-1411-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR-1411R-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators with Freezer
MPR-215F-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with freezer
MPR-414F-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with freezer
MPR-715F-PE Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with freezer
Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Cryopreservation
Cryosystem LN2 Freezers
Classic 2002 Cryosystem
Classic 4002 Cryosystem
Classic 6002 Cryosystem
Value Added 2001 Cryosystem
Value Added 4001 Cryosystem
Value Added 6001 Cryosystem
XC 20/20 Cryosystem
XC 34/18 Cryosystem
XC 47/11 Cryosystem
Isothermal LN2 Freezers
V5000EH-AB/C Isothermal Freezer
Lab Tank
Lab 10 Nitrogen Tank
Lab 20 Nitrogen Tank
Lab 30 Nitrogen Tank
Lab 4 Nitrogen Tank
Lab 5 Nitrogen Tank
Lab 50 Nitrogen Tank
Standard LN2 Freezers
S-1500AB LN2 Storage system
S-3000AB LN2 Storage system
S-5000AB LN2 Storage system
S-5000EHAB LN2 Storage system
S-90AB LN2 Storage system
Transport Containers
CF-9511 Transport Container
Vapor Shippers
SC 2/1
SC 4/2
SC 4/3
IncuSafe CO2 Incubators
MCO-170AIC-PE IncuSafe CO2 Incubator
MCO-18AC-PE IncuSafe CO2 incubator
MCO-230AIC IncuSafe CO2 Incubator
MCO-5AC-PE IncuSafe CO2 incubator
CO2 Incubators with SafeCell UV Lamp
MCO-170AICUV-PE IncuSafe CO2 incubator
MCO-170AICUVH-PE IncuSafe CO2 incubator
MCO-230AICUV IncuSafe CO2 Incubator
MCO-230AICUVH IncuSafe CO2 Incubator
MCO-5AC-UV-PE IncuSafe CO2 incubator
CO2 Reach-In Incubator
MCO-80IC-PE IncuSafe CO2 Reach-In Incubator
MLR Climatic Test Chambers
MLR-352-PE Climate Chamber
MLR-352H-PE Climate Chamber
IncuSafe Multigas Incubators
MCO-170M IncuSafe Multigas Incubator
MCO-5M-PE IncuSafe Multi-gas Incubator
Multi-gas Incubators with Safecell UV Lamp
MCO-170MUV IncuSafe Multi gas Incubator
MCO-170MUVH IncuSafe Multi gas Incubator
MCO-5M-UV-PE IncuSafe Multi gas Incubator
MIR Heated Incubators
MIR-H163-PE Heated Incubator
MIR-H263 Heated incubator
MIR Cooled Incubators
MIR-154-PE Cooled incubator
MIR-254-PE Cooled Incubator
MIR-554-PE Cooled Incubator
Orbital Shakers
MIR-S100-PE Orbital Shaker
MIR-S100C-PE Orbital Shaker
Laboratory Autoclaves
MLS-2420U-PE Laboratory Autoclave
MLS-3020U-PE Laboratory Autoclave
MLS-3751L-PE Laboratory Autoclave
MLS-3781L-PE Laboratory Autoclave
Laboratory Ovens
MOV-112-PE Laboratory Oven
Bacterial Counter
Intraoral camera
Pharmacy Automation
Fixed side access racks
Racks for chest freezer 2"
Racks for chest freezer 3"
Racks for upright freezer 2"
Racks for upright freezer 3"
Microtiter plate racks for standard 96/384-well microplates
Sliding Drawer Racks

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